I decided to take a break from working on ‘The Deep’ and come back to my roots for awhile. So, in ‘Far’ some of the most readily available and abundant food sources are the things that grow on the island. These range from small thing’s like berries and mushrooms, to exotic fruits and vegetables (some of which may be poisonous). To harvest these delicacies, all you have to do is find them and press ‘e’ . Once picked, you will have to wait until they grow back to harvest them again (some take longer than others to grow back). You will be able to consume your findings via your inventory (you may only carry four thing’s at a time). Each harvested item you consume will add to your vitality bar (this varies depending on the item).

Sounds cool right, here’s a screenshot.

The four basic mushroom types.

I plan on adding more variety, including glowing mushrooms, poisonous mushrooms, etc. I hope you enjoyed this blog post, more to come soon and thanks for reading!

What Is Far?

Far is a charming game about finding your lost lover after being shipwrecked on a strange island. The island itself is quite large and is home to a variety of unorthodox flora and fauna, all of which can be utilized as a tool to help you survive and ultimately find your significant other. Far came from humble beginnings and has been in development since early 2012 and is still in development (to a lesser extent).

Far started out as a two-dimensional game of sorts.

The two-dimensional Far.

However, as time and development progressed, I felt more and more like prototyping the game in the third-dimension. One night I sat down in Unity3D and set up what would eventually be the current version of Far. I worked on this for some time after, adding a day/night cycle, and then a dynamic weather system to accommodate it. By the time I knew it, I was looking at much more than just a virtual world,  I was looking at an extension of myself. An extension that I hope to one day complete and show to the public finalized, but until that day comes, you can all follow its progress here…

…far away.